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Gutter Repair

Gutter Repair – Most Common Problems

Gutter Re-Nail – (Loose Gutters)

Seasonal temperature changes from unpredictable Michigan weather and the constant weight of water and debris will cause the nails to eventually pull out from the fascia board.

When this problem occurs, it’s like not having gutters at all. Water can run down fascia boards and along the foundation or into the house or basement and cause leaks.

We can repair this problem quickly and re-nail the gutters back into fascia board and back screw gutters with hangers to solve these types of problems.

Leaking Gutters Seams

Seams eventually wear away and start leaking. Resealing gutter seams is one of our most common repairs; we can solve leaking gutter seams by resealing seams, corners, and outlets.

Loose Downspouts

Downspouts may also become loose over time and may need to be reattached; we can re-nail and re-secure loose downspouts, extensions, and elbows.